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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe my baby is 8 months old! I am constantly amazed at how much August changes and grows each day. He is becoming such a big boy! I am much better at updating facebook, but here's what he's been up to these past 8 months. I've been documenting his milestones on my phone and figured it would be nice to have them here as well.

Your first month
You are a pro at holding your head up!
You love sitting on daddy's chest
You coo all the time and love to coo at us
You haven't smiled while you've been awake yet, but you love to smile in your sleep. It is so sweet!
You wake up every 3 to 4 hours at night to eat. You still need a little formula to get you through to the next meal.
You wake up bright and early every morning. We're talking 4 or 5 am here!
You love to swing and like to sleep in it too!
We've skyped with all your grandparents several times!
While you still hate it, you've started to turn and hold your head up during tummy time.
You love to stare at lights!
You are an eater!
At your one month doctor appointment you weighed 11 pounds 3 ounces.
You love music and even love my awful singing!
You like to dance.

Your 2nd month
You smiled at mommy and daddy on your 6 week birthday!
Although you will smile, it's not a regular thing just yet.
You love it when mommy and daddy help you stand or sit.
Even though you aren't eating big boy food yet, you tike to sit in your high chair and watch mommy and daddy in the kitchen.
At 7 weeks you started really smiling at mommy and daddy!
Now you're practicing laughing in your sleep. I can't wait til you do it when you're awake!
On 1-24-11 you laughed at mommy and daddy!
You've had a couple nights where you've only woken up once. You're parents are loving it!
You're smiling all the time now.
Still a great eater!
You love standing up on mommy or daddy and can even bear some weight on your legs.
You can lift your head to a 45 degree angle during tummy time, although you still hate it!
You love to listen to music.
You coo all the time.
You're starting to bat at your toys on your gym.
You can sometimes hold a rattle.
You still love walks and we started going on extra long ones.
Your first trip out of the house was to the Venza's house for jenny's birthday and you did great!
You're wearing size 6 months! What a big boy!
You love to nap in your swing.
You can track with your eyes as we move toys around.
You had your first trip to target and the grocery store! Mommy wore you with the baby Bjorne and you slept!
You are talking and laughing a lot!
During tummy time you've started pushing yourself up and you can hold your head up at a 90 degree angle.
You went out to eat for the first time on your 10 week birthday with mommy and nana! We had California pizza kitchen and you loved looking at the surroundings!
You laugh and smile all the time now.
You started sitting in your bumbo at 11 weeks.
You almost slept through the night at 11 1/2 weeks! You didn't wake until 4 am.
At 12 weeks you rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time!
You slept through the night 1 day before your three month birthday!! Mommy and daddy were ecstatic!

Your 3rd month
You're still sleeping through the night!
On 3-5-11 you rolled from your back to your side!
You've started to scoot while on your belly.
You had your first cold at 14 weeks.
You've started transferring your links from one hand to the other.
You had your first ear infection and round of antibiotics at 15 weeks.
You are grabbing and batting at everything!
You are so calm!
At 16 weeks started saying "gooo"
You have the cutest laugh!
Your hands are always in your mouth!
You tried your exersaucer for the first time. You looked so small in it.
You eat 6 4 oz bottles and one 5 oz bottle a day. You've officially had no formula since you were six weeks old!

Your 4th month
At your 4 month check up you were 16 lbs and 13 oz, which was the 75th percentile.
You were 25.5 inches long, in the 75th percentile.
You had your first bottle of water at 18 weeks!
You giggle like crazy when mommy talks silly.
You say ghee and gah.
You finally stopped using your swaddle.
Rolled from back to tummy on 4-12-11.
You started pulling on the mouse on your carseat to feel it shake. Before you would just look at it.
Started sticking out your tongue on your 19 week birthday. You did it non-stop for days!
You found your feet the next day!

Your 5th month
You are talking nonstop! I swear you know exactly what you want to say.
You are starting to sit unsupported for longer and longer periods. Still a little wobbly though.
You love splashing during bath times.
You started sleeping in your crib for the first part of the night on 5-3-11. On 5-4-11 you fell asleep in your crib all by yourself without being rocked!
You're eating about 31 oz of breast milk a day.
You are such a happy boy!!!
You've been grasping your feet and hands a lot.
You can sit by yourself for a long time.
I think you're officially teething! You have become so restless overnight.
Your teacher from school, ms. Maya babysat you so mommy and daddy could go to a movie for mommy's birthday.
You had a double ear infection May 16th.
You had your first oatmeal on May 16 and hated it!
We tried rice on May 20th. You don't hate it quite as much as oatmeal.
You are sleeping the entire night in your crib and don't need rocked anymore!
You can sit all by yourself for a long time!
You are so good at grabbing toys and putting them where you want.
25 weeks- every morning you wake up on your belly.
You're eating your rice a little bit better.
You started sweet potatoes on may 30th. It took you a few days but now you love them!

Your 6th month
You're eating sweet potatoes, carrots and you just started peas!
You are talking and laughing so much!
You started squash.
You had your first plane ride on June 17, 2011. We went to Illinois for your great great grandma June's 100th birthday. You were amazing and didn't cry once!
You've started waiving "hi" and "bye", but I don't think you quite know what you're doing just yet.
You started apples and love them!
You've had a cough for over a week.
The week before you turned 7 months you started turkey!
You were diagnosed w bronchiolitis and had to get an inhaler.
You've started rolling over all the time!

Your 7th month
Still no teeth.
You've slept past 8 am twice now!
You got your first tooth on July 13th! Bottom right. You got your 2nd tooth (bottom left) on July 21st!!
You are making your first blended sound. It sounds like bla bla.
July 22nd you started eating lunch!
July 26th you have started scooting backwards. You're doing such a good job getting your legs up under you!
July 31 you started waving hi in response to someone waving at you!
You're also saying the da sound now!

Your 8th month
You had your 1st fever on your 8 month birthday :(
You started your "ma" sound!!!!
You are the best baby ever! I love you!!!!

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